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Why us

Our portfolios are specifically created to meet your objectives and goals. We understand all clients are different and will look to build a portfolio designed around your key objectives: growing wealth, preserving wealth, providing an income, or looking to pass wealth on to future generations.

Our independence allows us to choose most asset classes from practically the entire investment universe, from stocks to bonds to ETFs to collective investment funds to structured notes to hedge funds to commodities to currencies. We offer both an advisory portfolio management service where clients are looking to be actively involved in their portfolio or discretionary portfolio management for those clients who need someone else to be managing their assets on a day-to-day basis.

Diversification is the key to any successful portfolio and our investment approach ensures whatever your appetite for or aversion to risk we construct a diverse portfolio focused purely on your objectives. All portfolio management clients receive a detailed statement every 6 weeks, outlining all trades, holdings, and prices. In addition, our research department produces an investment bulletin for all clients keeping you updated on the markets and our investment strategy.


The model portfolios represent 3 scenarios: Cautious, Balanced, and Adventurous. Our Adventurous example will focus on areas such as Emerging Markets, and hold a high bias toward equity holdings. Potential returns are higher, however with the associated risks attached.

Capital preservation will hold an overweight of fixed return assets, be it corporate bonds or treasuries. It will invest in capital-protected products and multi-asset instruments. For the low/medium risk investor, who is not looking to beat the stock market.

We understand that every investor has different needs and objectives. It is why we pride ourselves on offering tailored portfolio management solutions.

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Risk profile questionnaire

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