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Our purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being. Together with our clients, we’re contributing to a more equitable and resilient world – today and for generations to come.


Assessment and Establishment of Investment Goals

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The act of reviewing and setting investment objectives is crucial, whether you're seeking investment management services or not. We believe that it is crucial to establish practical expectations between Mithril Asset Management and the client at the outset by ensuring that an exact investment objective has been established with a financial advisor prior to using our services.


This objective will serve as the foundation for how your assets will be managed. However, Mithril Asset Management acknowledges that personal circumstances and investment horizons may change over time, and recommends that clients inform their financial advisor of any changes and re-evaluate their portfolio to ensure it is balanced accordingly.


As each investor's objective and risk profile may change, Mithril Asset Management suggests that these be regularly re-evaluated.

 Investment Strategy

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Once a client's investment objective has been communicated to Mithril Asset Management, we will propose an investment strategy that aligns with the client's requirements and objectives. 

Asset Allocation

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Asset allocation is a strategy implemented over a medium to long-term period that aims to capitalize on macroeconomic trends by investing in asset classes that are expected to appreciate and divest from those that are expected to decline.


For instance, investing in equities in 2007 instead of bonds would have been more beneficial, while in 2008, bonds would have been the more successful investment. Our investment management team strives to ensure that the allocation of assets in a portfolio, including shares, bonds, and cash, is constantly adjusted based on changes in economic cycles and financial markets.


However, we always adhere to the investment mandate and risk profile when managing this process. 

Fund and Security Selection

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Mithril Asset Management believes that a diversified approach, involving the use of specialist managers for differing investment disciplines, reduces the risk profile of an investment portfolio.


We also select individual securities where appropriate, but always in accordance with the portfolio type and risk profile. By diversifying amongst known specialists with proven track records, we ensure that portfolios are exposed to different investment styles, strategies, and positioning.


This approach reduces the risk of a negative effect on the entire portfolio in the event of one investment house misreading the market.

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Evaluating and Tracking Investment Performance

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Each portfolio is benchmarked in accordance with risk profiling and is monitored and reviewed by Mithril Asset Management's investment managers on an ongoing basis.


The individual funds are also checked for any style shift within the strategy employed, to ensure that the continued management is in line with expectations.


Mithril Asset Management also conducts a more formal review regularly.

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