Investor Profile Questionaire

Determining your investment risk profile.

At Mithril Asset Management we take great pride in offering the best tailored investment advice to our customers. Please fill out this questionnaire to help us find your most suitable investment strategy, so we may offer the same success to you.

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The information from this survey is confidential and will never be passed on to any 3rd party. This Investor Profile does not necessarily take into account all of your personal needs and circumstances, therefore your profile may vary slightly from that indicated.

Please contact your financial planner for advice regarding the most suitable investment options for you and your investment capital.

1. Which one of the following ranges includes your current age?

2. What is your investment horizon – when would you like to use your investment money?

3. When do you plan to retire?

4. What is your most important investment objective?

5. Which best describes your level of investment knowledge?

6. Have you any experience with investment tools?

7. Have you risked your own capital in the creation of your wealth?

8. What kind of investment do you prefer?

9. The following scenario is based on having €100,000 invested at the beginning of the year. The chart and options below show the performance of 5 different hypothetical investments. Each bar gives a range of possible values at the end of the same year. Which scenario would you feel most comfortable accepting?

10. Do you have an emergency fund to provide for unexpected expenses, so as to avoid drawing on medium to long term savings to meet immediate needs? (As a guide, this emergency fund should be equal to at least three months after-tax income).

11. What is your expectation of future earnings over the next five years?

12. What level of fall in the value of your portfolio over a one year period would cause you concern, bearing in mind, that for example equity investment requires a long term view?

13. What percentage of your total assets (excluding your home) would this particular investment represent?

14. Which statements most closely reflect your current financial situation?

15. You are more concerned that this investment grows faster than inflation than about returns over any one year period.

16. Please indicate which statement reflects your overall view on managing risk.

17. If you owned an investment that fell 20% over a period of 6 to 9 months, what would you do?

18. If you could increase your chances of improving your investment returns by taking more risk, you would be:

19. What type of investor are you?